Magic is Everywhere

“But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

― Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Step into my magical world…

Lex & Winnie’s Wizarding World Video
video: @lexingtonandwinberry
music: Prologue by John Williams

It’s the first day of class at Hogwarts and I’m so excited that they accepted me–a transfer from the Beauxbatons School of Magic!  As I skip through the halls on my way to class I’m practically beaming. One of my professors sees my prance and tells me my smile could light up a room, no Lumos Maxima required.  I’m anxious to learn all sorts of spells and meet all sorts of new friends…oh and look! Here’s a friend now. “Hi Friend!” I yell, “What’s your name?”. “Lexington Potter” the shy-looking boy replies.  He was having trouble making eye contact with me…maybe it’s the goofy glasses?

Lexington Potter
photo: @lexingtonandwinberry

BOOM.  A loud sound is heard across the courtyard.

“What was that?!” yells Lexington.  I pop my head through the window and look out the courtyard….and oh my goodness!  It’s a DADmentor!! We must stop him!

Lex and I race into the courtyard and take out our wands to do battle.  I may not know many spells, but Lexington seems to know what he’s doing.   “Stupify!” yells Lexy as he casts a spell on the enemy. But it has no effect on DADmentor…apparently he’s already reached max stupidity.  And now he’s got his eyes set on the shy little wizard.

Think Winnie, think.  I know! I’ll need to distract the DADmentor so Lex can attack from behind.  But oh man…how do I distract something so big and scary?!? I guess with the only power I have….the power of prance!

Winberry aka Fleur Delacour
photo: @lexingtonandwinberry
witch hat: @hatsbyremi

I start to wiggle and shake, and prance my little heart out.  Oh and it looks like it’s working! The DADmentor is completely distracted by me, and dare I say…in love?!?  He reaches his arms out to give me a hug that will surely suck me of my soul, and right as he’s about to scoop me up Lexington screams for a spell I’ve never heard of before “New-Daddian-and-Mimosas!”  

Suddenly a huge ball of smoke covers the DADmentor as things get quiet in the courtyard.  Lex and I look out and as the dust and smoke settles we see something in the chaos. What is it?

“Hi guys, I’m your Dad”.  Lex and I look at each other confused.  “And I have Mimosas”. Well, I guess I could use a drink.  But, more importantly, I could use some love from Dad, specifically lots of tushie scratches. As he scratches my plump rump, It’s all coming back to me now….an evil wizard cast a spell on all of Hogwarts that made me forget Lex is my brother, and it turned my Dad into an evil Dadmentor.  Where this evil wizard went, nobody knows. But you see, the thing about magic is that it shines a light through the darkness to reveal that love can conquer all…so we’re ready for any evil that comes our way. And may all of you find the magic in your life, especially today. Happy Halloween!!!!

–Winberry aka Fleur Delacour



“When a man’s best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.”

–Edward Abbey

Lexington has been a barking nightmare the last week or so, howling at the moon whenever he can.  When I asked “what’s wrong buddy?” he told me he was upset that Winnie got a blog post from Mom and he got nothing.  Then he told me to shove it. To be fair, he says a lot of mean things to me…our relationship has always been one built on tough love.

Lex waiting on his blog post
photo: @lexingtonandwinberry

You see, the problem is that he was brought into our family under false pretenses.  Mom wanted to give Charlie a baby brother, so she made the visits to Baby Lex and built the strong connection between mother and son.  On the car ride home he learned how exquisite air conditioning could be, licking the artificial breeze whenever he could. He learned about the warmth of mom’s lap….and the safety and security of her love and devotion.  Then he gets home, and meets his big brother for the first time. And he looks just like him, this is amazing! They played for hours, just the three of them, the perfect trio to start a perfect life together. Then Dad came home.

Charlie & Lexington, Day 1
photo: @lexingtonandwinberry
Lexi & Mom, age 3 months
photo: @lexingtonandwinberry

Cue the screeching brakes sound.  Who the heck is this guy? And why is he being so weird?  The truth is Lexi, you’re the first puppy I’ve ever had. Charlie and Mom came into my life as a pair, and the only other dog I had growing up was an adult when we got her.  So to see a small little bundle of life, that I was now responsible for turning into a well-behaved gentleman was….well…..overwhelming. I had to learn EVERYTHING. So when I picked you up for the first time, of course I was nervous and scared.  I didn’t want to drop you or hurt you….and I was used to cats all my life so I was half-expecting a good old fashioned claw rake across my arm.

Lexington, age 3 months
photo: @lexingtonandwinberry

But also, you didn’t make it easy on me!  The middle of the night pee-walks were bad enough as is, but you sure liked to take your time to find justttttt the right spot, no matter how cold it was.  I’d curse at you, you’d curse at me….it was a healthy dynamic. You may have been too young to remember, but one night we were out there in the cold for 30 minutes, and your Dad had a mini breakdown.  Mom eventually went outside looking for us and found your father crying while muttering “please go potty” over and over again. Not my finest moment. And as it turned out, you went potty 30 minutes prior on our carpet.  Who knew?! And now you’ve graduated from peeing on carpets to pooping on couches whenever you want to get a rise out of Dad. Well played son, well played.

So I get the hate buddy, your Dad was weird and apprehensive from Day 1.  Not to mention I’m a constant disrupter/3rd wheel of the mother-son love fest.  I would be cranky too if someone got in the way of my true love. But I want you to know that your Dad has come a long way, and that he’s so happy that you are a part of his life.  And to prove it, here’s a blog post just for you! May you continue pooping on the couch for many years to come. Love you Pants–to the moon and back.


Dad and Lex
photo: Tori Repp

The story of us.

photo: Tori Repp
beret: @hatsbyremi
bandana: @founder.and.friends


Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.

— Roger Caras.

On a cold December afternoon, I found a little girl my husband would later name Winberry. My heart was broken, completely wrecked by the loss of my first furry best friend, Charlie, and it was seeking refuge in the paws of a little bouncy ball of fur.

You see everyone says their dog is special–and none of them are wrong. Charlie was special and he was mine. I spent most of my early 20’s running from my fears and fighting the typical battles that come with growing up. Charlie was my ultimate protector. During my highs, his tail wagged endlessly reflecting my mood. During my lows, he burrowed his face in the blankets hoping to find his melancholy-filled girl so he could pull her back up and start again. He was the drum beat to my heartbeat, keeping the tempo to my life. But more importantly, Charlie was there for every heartbreak and he was there when I found true love–Jay. 

photo: Tori Repp

For a little, it was just the three of us–happy. Charlie had found his dad and I had found a man who let me fearlessly chase my every dream, filling my heart and life with love and light. And as I was my finding my footing, Charlie was losing his. By the time we had brought Lexington into our family, Charlie had fallen down the deepest tunnel of anguish and despair. Lost in his own fears, I could no longer reach him. There was no cure for his pain, there was no vet that could make him better, and soon his sickness took up every part of him. He had spent years protecting me, and I had failed him. I had failed to keep his monsters at bay, to relieve the pain that didn’t let his mind settle, and as quickly as he came into my life, Charlie was gone. His pain filled me, his absence too immense to bear. I had failed my sweet little boy and there was no bringing him back. “The heart was meant to be broken” and so mine did.

Enter Winberry–named after the restaurant where my husband and I first met. A curly-haired little doodle (because there was no replacing Charlie, a wheaten, with another wheaten). In fact, Charlie and Lexington would be the last of our wheatens, singular and unique, there would be no other perfect wheaten duo for us. We nicknamed her Winnie, a name my husband has an affection for ever since he was crushing on Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years.

Wineberry-age 5 months.
photo: Tori Repp

Today, the little girl I cuddled up to on my saddest of days turns 3, and I chose this moment to reflect on the joy she has brought to our life. She is the reprieve my heart desperately needed and continues to need from the loss of Charlie. Winnie is more than a dog, she is the glue of our family, and the beginning to the story of Lexington & Winberry. Where there is darkness, she shines bright. Where there is a dull moment, she brings a slobbery wet tennis ball to spice up the mood. And when I find myself deep in the shadows of the loss of my very best friend, she lends a paw to bring me back to the present and fills my heart with gratitude. There would be no Winberry without Charlie. And there would be no us without Winberry, so happy birthday, little girl–my purest form of joy.

Family of Four.
Photo by Tori Repp

Get ready for some puppy love.

We love our dogs and we’re sure you do too! And so we started this blog–an effort to highlight the moments we often forget to appreciate. These are the adventures and stories behind the IG account, @lexingtonandwinberry. Also Lex said he wants to be the next F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Winnie heard that and wants to try her hand at writing as well.

So expect Lex to write short stories on how unhappy he is with Dad’s life choices, and expect fashion blogs from Winnie when she gets inspired by today’s runway trends. But more importantly, expect a love story from Mom and Dad to Lex and Win–because every dog deserves a good love story.

Stay awhile, read a little, hug your dog, and get to know us.

woof and love-Jay, Miri, Lexington, & Winberry